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Spatula – 2 Port


Product Description

Cobra Surgical’s Two Port Spatula Cannula (“Duck Bill Cannula”) features a flattened distal tip that is ideal for releasing adhesions which are often seen in patients returning for repeat liposuction procedures. The flattened chisel tip of this cannula is also well-suited to facial, neck or back procedures. The Two Port Spatula Cannula has two lateral ports.


  • Flattened distal tip for releasing adhesions and face, neck, or back procedures
  • Two lateral ports
  • Autoclavable
  • Medical-grade stainless steel
  • Available in a wide variety of standard diameters and lengths
  • Available for Luer Lock, Quick Connect, Power, and 60cc Toomey handles/hubs
  • Custom lengths and diameters can be ordered
  • Made in the USA

* In addition to the standard cannula diameters and lengths, ALL CANNULAS ARE AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM LENGTHS AND DIAMETERS to suit your individual needs. Please allow for additional manufacturing and shipping time for custom orders. Please contact Cobra Surgical directly at 800-656-0273 for more information on custom orders.