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Nano Fat Micronizing Complete Set with 10 extra screens


Product Description

Nano Fat Transfer Processing Set

The Nano Fat Transfer Processing Set breaks down fat deposits. When breaking down the fat deposits for certain areas of the body it should be a billion times smaller than in others. To achieve this minimum breakdown of stem cells you will need this Set. This device is designed to systematically size harvested adipose tissue making it conveniently easy to inject with micro needles. Using the Nano Fat Transfer System eases the process of converting microfat into nano fat to re-injection. This system could be used during liposuction or fat transfer surgeries making the fat able to be injectable with a needle as small as 27g , taking the fat transfer to the minimum level.


  • Nano Fat Filter for Fat Grafting
  • Anerobic Transfer Adapter 1.2mm
  • Anerobic Transfer Adapter 1.4mm
  • Anerobic Transfer Adapter 2.4mm
  • 10 Filter Screens (5 of each size)