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Reusable Fat Collection / Reinjection Canister Sets with Stand – Available in 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 2L, 3L.


Product Description



Re-Usable Fat Collection Canisters for Fat Collection and Reinjection

The Canister Package is the ultimate bundle for your fat harvesting and storage needs!

Parts are constructed from aluminum, silicone, and polysulfide, our Canister Package provides easy use and efficiency. These durable and high-quality devices give surgeons a long-term solution for fat extraction and storage. Our items can be drained and cleaned with autoclave or steam methods.

Fully autoclavable reusable fat transfer canister set includes:

  • Canister (your choice of 250 mL/500 mL/1 L/2 L/3 L)
  • Canister Lid
  • Canister Stand
  • 90° Aspiration Tubing Coupling Piece
  • Straight Aspiration Tubing Coupling Piece
  • Double-Ended 6″ Silicone Extraction Tube with Tube Clamp, Male Luer, Female Luer
  • Toomey Syringe-to-Luer Lock Cannula Adapter